Q: My order is taking longer than expected; who do I contact?

A: If you are having any issues with orders, you must contact the respected store in which you ordered your items from.


Q: When will I receive my order?

A: Orders are typically out within an hour or less of selected delivery time, but may vary depending on order volume.


Q: What is the delivery fee?

A: Delivery fees are determined by respected store.


Q: I can’t find my ID/I do not have my ID on hand, can I still get my order?

A: No, all orders must be matched with the credit card and ID upon delivery arrival, no exceptions.


Q: What are the hours of delivery?

A: Delivery hours vary from store to store.


Q: I want to cancel my order, who do I contact?

A: If you would like to cancel an order, please call the respected store and have them cancel your order. Delivery can ONLY be canceled if it is not out for delivery.